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Get involved! First step is to let us know if you are willing to HOST volunteering event, you want to join the team of VOLUNTEERS or interested in SPONSORING an event. I'm asking you to REGISTER AS MEMBER to start with. The more you tell about yourself, your project that needs help, so we can meet skills, needs, and ideas. If you are interested in sponsoring a project, please jump to the "sponsorship" page. 

Getting volunteers for your project

If you would like to be included in our aid programs, sign up to become a hosting project. It's important to keep in mind that the main goal of volunteering is for both hosts and volunteers is to benefit from sharing experiences, knowledge and skills. When you invite volunteers it's important to create a safe, welcoming atmosphere for your visitors.  The volunteers are coming not only to do a job needed done, but to understand how your project works, why and how it was created. The more information you can offer to make this experience a memorable event the better.

I want to volunteer

I would like to hear more of you. What are your interest, skills you already have, and ones you would like to get? What motivates you to help others?  Tell us about your previous experiences if you have, perhaps include what you have learnt from it. It's ok also if you don't have much experience just yet, and you are here to get started. Just tell us what makes you feel good. You will get a notice when we have a project starting.

So fill out this form below. 

Look for activities that bring you joy, you feel more energetic, balanced. It could be gardening, talking to people, making art, cooking,  playing with kids etc. See our volunteering application form for more ideas.  

Nutritionist Cooking
Kid Painting
Write your volunteering story & inspire others

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Featured (registered) writers

Join the club of volunteers & writers

Kurdi Feri_edited.jpg

Volunteer Feri

 I helped to install a power generator. Saw how lucky we are having heat and lighting, while in Ukraine kids left in dark and cold during the winter of 2022. 


Volunteer Heni

I always bake muffins when I join any mission. Never knew this will be my way in to Ukranie

Jakus Csilla_edited.jpg

I have learnt over the years how to put any ikea kid's furniture together. Give me any box, I do it. 

Hunyadi Attila_edited_edited.jpg

Volunteer Attila

Now I know my car can take 2 pallets of children's toys to anywhere, after I was asked to pack and move it to Ukraine

Volunteer Csilla

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