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Inspiring stories of volunteering 

Everyday life is filled with small acts of good, from holding the door, to giving money to people in need. News stories often focus on grander cases of altruism, such as a man who dives into an icy river to rescue a drowning stranger or a donor who gives thousands of dollars to a local charity. Here every story matters, if it leaves a lasting impression in you. We start with some provoking questions, to get you started. You have a story to tell, but how to share it with others? What makes it interesting? How to structure it? What should definitely be included? Read the hereunder tips to get you started. If you would add a question to our list, please send us your recommendation. 

Motivational questions to get you started on your story 



Imagine suddenly losing everything you own and being left with nothing but yourself. Ask yourself: “What is important to me? What are my values? How my values relate to my volunteering project? 



Why this event / activity you took part had an importance to you? Is this a cause your already cared about or something new? Do you needed a training to enter? How well prepared did you feel for your volunteering?  



If you are asked to highlight a picture that comes to your mind about the event, what would that be? How would you describe that moment? What effected you the most ? How did you feel during and after the event ? 



Do you have any special skills or relevant experience that you had before the volunteering ? Did you gain any new skills with your experience? Is it something you can benefit from in the future?  If yes, how? 



Would you feel comfortable recommending this volunteering project to your friend or relative? What would be your most important arguments to convince them? 




How valued do you feel as a volunteer? Do you think your contribution was helpful to the project you participated? How likely you are to volunteer with the same project or organization?



 Think of someone who became memorable for your story, the one you look up to. What makes him/her so special? Show your appreciation for someone in your volunteering for a cause you care about.



Are there any improvements you suggest to the project or the organization? Would you feel comfortable recommending this volunteering project to your friend or relative? 

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