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This project is very close to my heart. It started with my old village nursery of Zabar, in Nógrád county, East-Hungary. It's was very much in need of some upgrade, new toys, new shower, and complete new furniture set. We started dreaming, than magic happened. I found partners to invest, and it has become a beautiful example of the expat community of Hungary not just contributing to uplifting the countryside childcare system, but getting actively involved in "making it happen" by volunteering to assemble the furniture and renovations. This time, in January 2024 in Ukraine the magic happened again. We have started the planning in 2023, and a year later it's fully finished.  Huge thanks to Alex Davern and his family for the support. Below photos by Mátyás Szuperák, the brilliant handyman of the village kindergarten, Chomonyn

31st of January 2024


Play Room 3 walls are all cleaned, stripped down to the bare bricks. The corridor got an other coat of green paint, Play Room  2 new ceiling structure is almost done, electric cables are going in for the new lights. All walls are plastered here, 2nd coat is drying. 

29th of January 2024


Work started on the office space.(10I).  Here - just like anywhere else in the building - the walls have to get cleaned down to the bricks. The kids bathroom (9F) - with the lid to the roof - is now painted, new lights fitted. Also the staff bathroom (6R)- used as a wash room - is also painted. This is the one with light blue color.

27th of January 2024


All hands were on to progress the second playroom (Cs2A). As these walls are not brick, special coating of plaster was layered several times, before reaching an absolute smooth surface. Remember, it's the middle of a winter, drying takes a lot longer. At the same time, next door in Playroom 3 (CS3B) the sleeping room walls are pealed off.

26th of January 2024


Huge progress on the walkway (10F). This is more than a few days work. As everywhere in the building, this new ceiling has also received a 10cm thick wool insullation, than a special "heat mirror" sheet, to keep warm air inside. Closed with plasterboards, than painted white. How nice it turned out? We are really pleased. Also the new door arrived to the dish wash area, which is now fully covered with new tiles.