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Ludmilla and her husband are wonderful, kind hearted people. Since the war broke out in February 2022, they've been look after thousands of inner refugees in Ukraine, in their city of Vynohradiv. They have a small team of 10-15 people.  The volunteering weekend planned to help them out, cooking, working together. A team of 8-16 people can register to take part. We are in the process to organize aid and food supply we can take across from Hungary. See event details below

2023 07 22-23 Volunteering in Vynohradiv Aid Center, Ukraine
2023 07 22-23 Volunteering in Vynohradiv Aid Center, Ukraine

Sat, 22 Jul



2023 07 22-23 Volunteering in Vynohradiv Aid Center, Ukraine

Planning to help out local civil volunteers in Ukraine. Packing and sorting donations, setting up a kitchen space, a second hand clothes shop, installing a lot of shelving, info sessions with returning army officers from the frontline.

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Time & Location

22 Jul 2023, 04:00 CEST – 23 Jul 2023, 22:00 CEST

Vynohradiv, Vynohradiv, Zakarpattia Oblast, Ukraine

About the event

Welcome to our next volunteering even in Ukraine !

More information on where we are going, how the project was born, who are our main partners in this blog post :  SUPPORTING REFUGEES IN UKRAINE 


Departure time: 4 am (in the morning) from Nyugati train station. Meeting point outside West End shopping center, entrance close to the train station, right beside the bus stop. 


3.45 -4.00 am 

Meeting time Please don't be late. We know it's a really early start, but we would like to get there as soon as possible, so we can start early. Also we have a short humanitarian crossing window at the border, so we can skip the usually long waiting time at the border. 

7.30 -8.00 am 

Planned arrival to the border. Crossing point: Beregsurány 

10.00 am 

Arrival to Vynohradiv Humanitarian Center . Please note, there is an hour time differece, so 10 am is local time. 

10.00 -10.20 am 

Breakfast The local team is preparing sandwiches and snacks, soft drinks for us to start. 

10.20 am 

Program begins Short introduction of the place, the local staff by Lyudmilla Svoreny, the head of the Humanitarian center. 10-15 local staff member is joining our team of 22 people, so we are looking at a very interesting international cooperation. 

Marci Elődi - Project leader Hahó Volunteers - explains how best to start the work, clear space for building the 60 meters of shelving. Priority will be given to first sorting the FOOD BANK AREA, then next the BABY SECTION. Basically we have to make space for the shelves, then create a system for all items so they could be easily found. Everything will be signed. A floor plan will be presented - by Marci - to show clearly where shelves are going. 

14.00 am  

Lunch / Pizza will be ordered, so we don't need to go anywhere. 


Work continues to sort, build pack. 

The summary of the work plan we try to achieve in the two days of volunteering: 

- Set up 60m + shelving space for different areas of the Humanitarian center. 

- Sort the FOOD BANK section, so local staff could easily put together the daily aid packages to 150+ families visiting the center on distribution days

- Sort the BABY SUPPLY HUB - everything parents need to look after little kids. Large amounts of dipers, wet wipes, sanitary products, baby food 

- Set up the SECOND HAND CLOTHES SHOP area. The center has a waste amount of clothing, curently stored at bags and giant containers. The plan is to install clothes racks, shoe shelves, kids clthes basket to better serve the local community. The "Shop" is free to visit to anyone who needs any clothing items or shoes. There is currently so much clothing items piled up, that we won't be able to sort it all. But at least one section will be ready to be used. 

- Set up the PEOPLE'S KITCHEN . A small area of the center will be transformed into a kitchen, equipped with freezer, fridges, metal worktables, 2 free standing oven and gas hob, a professional sink.  This space will allow the local volunteers to cook for a larger number of people, including the territorial army, on special occasions. 

- Furnish the REGISTRATION AREA . All people coming to get aid packages are asked to show their ID documents and sign a forms, stating that they have received a package. This registration area is more like a storage space, which we hope to transform into a welcoming space. 

- Outdoor WAITING AREA . People - mostly kids with their mums - stand outside, waiting for their turns. We would like to create an area for them to be able to sit dow, under a shade while waiting. These items - fold away tables and chair, and the tent - will be used in the future for the aid center outdoor events, inclduing their charity fairs, where they sell hand made gifts. 

6.00 pm 

DINNER We will be welcomed by the Vynohradiv state institude for Disabled boys. They offered us a place to stay, dinner and breakfast for the whole team. This is very generous of them, as this time we are helping others. We have upgraded their kid's wing in 2022 September, which is still in wonderful state, kids and staff are truly happy. We will get to see their space, and the tour of the children's home. 

Accommodation will be similar to the rooms their residents are staying. One large room of 25 people, plus a small one of 6 people space we have . 

7.30 pm 


Lyudmilla is lining up people (local volunteers) who are actively involved in helping the territorial army with food and essential supply. They deliver to the danger zone, close to the border where even today fights are happening. We are also looking into the possibility to inviting army officers involved in logistics, and operations, hopital staff (not so easy, as there are so few).  Stories will be shared on how they are seeing the their role, their responsibilities



7.30 AM - Breakfast at the children's home 

8.30 AM - work continues at the center 

12.30-13.00 LUNCH at the aid center 

Planned departure back to Budapest: 5pm (Local time) 


Please check - doubke check - you have your passport with you. Drivers also need to have a driving licince, and the car papers. 

As it's a longer journey, you can bring packed breakfast, water, or snacks for the journey. We will have at least one stop between Budapest and the border, so you can buy snacks at the petrol station too. Bó

Sleeping space: Bed sheets, bedding is provided, but if you feel happier to sleep in your sleeping bag, please bring it. (Not necessery). Please bring your own towel, and soap, slippers, and comfy clothes to sleep in. It will be a shared acommodation. 

Shopping opportunity : on our way back to the Hungarian border, we will stop at a large supermarket, where you will be able to buy small gifts, if you want to take back home. You don't need to change money, bank cards are accepted at all stores. 

- Travel cost, acommodation and food is fully covered, thanks to our great supporters. 

If you have any questions, please call or write!

Looking forward to an other exciting project:)) 

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