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My name is Zsuzsanna Bozo, and I'm a civil volunteer. An ordinary person, with a will to give back to people - especially to children in need. This will of giving was born inside me very young, first as a need to please my parents, my teachers and everybody else, BUT myself. This was going nowhere good. But hey, life is not all roses. It took me time to learn why it is really rewarding to volunteer, and bring people together for a good cause. Beside the usual answers of finding friends, enjoying the happiness of children involved, or making a long lasting effect on a small community, my personal reason was - as later I realized - is to become a better version of me. This is my way of "paying forward" the price of understanding what matters to me, where are my boundaries, and how can I be the happiest person possible. Believe me, I have made many mistakes, I had many challenges and an also failed a couple of times. I still do. This is a life long learning.


My Story

I'm a civil volunteer, I don't have a registered charity organization neither have a huge bank account to finance all these ideas. I can only try my best to find all the helping hands, the registered charity partners (if needed) or the money/necessary items to complete a project. Very unusual concept, isn't it? It worked because my priority was not earning money, I was devoted to the cause and I wanted to learn how I could do things better. I paid with my time for the experience. For the last 15 years I never took any fee for any of the works I have done, 100% of it went to the cause, which in itself could sound strange, looking at the scale of some of the projects. I know. This was I thought part of my learning, and maybe I was wrong. We all need money to live, buy food pay bills. . (See, I'm still learning). But I had a full time job to cover those. Beside the strong will to bring a change, I was lucky to have met all those wonderful people who have decided to get on board with me in the past, either as a volunteer, or as a sponsor. They invested also their trust in me, which I'm truly grateful for.


I went through so many self-help books the last couple of years on personal growths, but I never really saw the process of the real struggle of how to get there. This gave me the idea of looking at my volunteering life and draw the conclusions on how volunteering and community work changed the person I am today, Organizing community projects the last 15 years in Hungary, Ukraine and in Scotland have changed the way I think, I live. Each of these aid projects taught me something about myself, which I'm sharing as part of the community stories. This is why this website was born. I'm also thinking of developing 2-3 days volunteering projects for small groups that would not only be about the helping experience, but part of it is about evaluating what we all have learnt, about each other and ourselves . This is at very early stage, any encouragement is welcome. The "Get Involved" section of this website will have more info when this special program is ready to accept participants. 


I know I can only do so much, and it won't be me who saves the entire world. But I would give it a good shot to try to do 1-2 aid projects a year helping children, especially in the war torn Ukraine. You will find links here for fully planned projects, shopping list of what is needed to get the green light, if you interested in becoming a sponsor. Or you can start your own path of volunteering. If something on this page inspired you on your journey, I'm glad you spent time to read it. I wish both of us good luck and lot's of patience on this road!

My blog

Have you ever been in a difficult situation? Loosing your ground, your friend, your home, your dreams? Maybe loosing faith in yourself ? Have you ever wondered how others cope with hardship in similar situations? Volunteering opens a door to all sorts of answers.  While you are actively involved in other people's life, you can reflect on yourself. You can focuse on your preconceptions, your attitude and how that relates to other people. You may find a lot more similarities than you first imagined. The stories below individual journeys of sharing, asking, giving.   

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