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Life has it's ups and downs. Sad occasions - like a refugee crises, or extreme cold - made me realize  how lucky I am, and therefore I need to do something to be on the helping side. Those people in need any sort of assistance - food, water, heat, home, medical care, etc - very likely once were in a better position. Just now, at this point in their life they are fallen off the track. When it comes to children - especially in state care or in crisis - they all deserve a better future. For me it means they have an inspiring and safe place to grow and adults that comforts them. The follow projects give you some ideas on how I started my volunteering. No matter what scale you go for, how small or how large, what matters is you get involved. 

My volunteering projects

Please note, the following sections are work in progress. It will take some time for me to add information, photos and videos I have collected over the years. The links to video /photo/short descriptions will come live at later stage. 


I woke up on 24th of February, 2022 to a terrifying news on all news channel: Russia launched a military invasion of Ukraine. Within 24 hours we started to see mothers and children arriving in huge numbers. 

Stand with Ukraine


Running a Budapest downtown restaurant gave us the chance to share the love of food with many visitors. This is how we started the soup kitchen for homeless, or handed over the kitchen to refugee kids to cook a fantastic meal together.  

Restaurant food


 2015 refugee crisis, kids sleeping for weeks at train stations across Budapest. I got this idea how to make little ones smile. I went to my usual costume hire lady, and agreed with some friends to visit the kids all dressed up. 



Xmas time is special for the kids, and this feeling of nice memories are not just about receiving gifts. We were setting up Xmas dinner tables in child care units. Decoration as well as ingredients (including the whole stuffed turkey) is part of the set-up. 

Family Dinner


A good pub is a place where people get together from all sorts of background. In The Caledonia we hosted several events, where everyday people were asked to take the floor, and run the kitchen for a night, with their menu. 



Young Scot is the national information agency for young people in Scotland. I had the chance to work there, and be part of project like a telephone help line, the Young Scot Awards, the Magazine, or the Young Shots photo exhibition. 

Young People at a Workshop


On an extreme cold winter day, we joined the volunteers of TAMI, and cooked over 400 cups of the finest hot chocolate cups, from Belgian chocolate, French ream, Dutch cocoa powder. For kids, never tried anything like this before. 

Chocolate with Marshmallows Drink


I visited my old kindergarten in the small village of Zabar, in Hungary. Some 30 years later the venue still had some of the furnitures I sat under when i was little. This made me think, kids here deserve better.

Kindergarten Classroom


2015 was the year when we turned the Caledonia Scottish pub into an aid collection and distribution point for refugees escaping the worst crises in the world, from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.  This was the beginning of Migration Aid. 

Girl in Warm Clothes


How can we help kids to have a healthy diet? To have more fruits? To plant fruit trees and berries, with the help of the local village council of Szilaspogony. A well designed garden, which still provides, and looked after. 



A textile wholesale group had several boxes of  curtain samples. All samples were distributed to kindergartens in Hungary, with a little competition to see what creative ideas are born from materials otherwise sent to wasteland. 

Traditional Kimono

Euro26 European Youth Card

Euro26 is an European youth card for young people under the age of 26. It has national and international benefits and discounts. I was part of the core team of 3 people to set it up in Hungary and represent the achievements in Europe.

Credit Card Payment

All Different - All Equal Campaign 

Animators were trained and brought together to run events and programs across Europe, to promote equality. A memorable project brought together thousands of kids on a train journey to Strassborgh  

Pride Parade


"There are no more dreams here" - these were the exact words of the priest I've met in the village of Gáborján, back in 2015. This East-Hungarian village was full of lost hope. And we decided to bring back the dreams. 

Santa and Boy


I never thought there would be a need twice in my life already to set up and run a donation center. First in 2015, for Syrian refugees, then in 2022, when Russia attacked Ukraine. People were eager to help, and needed a place to manage it from.

Donation Boxes


A project to aid families in need by supporting them with different sizes of food parcels. The box design i really special, children drawings arrived from the Igazgyöngy Alapítvány ( Berettyóújfalu, Hungary) 

Excited Girl

Argentine Tango Charity Ball

A dance event bringing together dancers and the Red Nose Clown doctors for one night.Magic performers, fantastic cake stand, a photo exhibition at a church, on Helloween Night. An absolute mad idea, but one that was just magic.


Around 16 Information Handbook

I was working with the Hungarian Youth Information Points (HAYICO) to create a special hand book for young people about many subject, including further studies, children's rights, housing, (renting your first flat) and more. 

Junior Book Club


We brought a classic Sunday lunch to homeless people in Budapest. The event was held at the shelter, we delivered furnitures, decoration, a chef, and plenty volunteers to cook and serve. A day to remember. 

Enjoying a Meal
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