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Updated: Jul 22, 2023

We are traveling to Ukraine, on the 22nd of July 2023 to aid a local volunteer center in Vinogradiv (Nagyszőlős) With Marci Elődi - Hahó Önkéntesek volunteers we are planning this volunteering weekend in since March 2023. Glad to see it's happening.

We have 20 young Hungarians eager to join as volunteers and spend their weekend working in Ukraine. We still need a transport for our volunteers from Budapest to Ukraine, so that's the key item we need help with. If you rather help with food items, or more shelving, that's also possible. See more detailed list hereunder. We are so close to make this happen. The project will aid over 300 refugees and many more locals in need. Photos and the videos below of the lovely Lyudmila and her team at the aid center.


Vynohradiv is an Ukrainian city , very near to the Hungarian border. The city has a very good community, helping those who fled from the war and decided to stay and not leave the country. Ludmilla and her husband lead the local volunteer centre, which they started as soon as the Russia launched the attack agains Ukraine. Lyudmila is a founder of the organization helping kids with hearing aid, and they run a boxing club for young boys, and modern dancing for girls.


We've been in touch with Ludmilla for weeks, discussing how best we could help them. Since they are looking after so many people, their storage needs a lot of shelving space, large storage boxes, a clothes rack system with hangers, and cooking ingredients to last at least 1 week.

The upgrade we would like to get done on the local aid point: ————————————————————————————————————————— REGISTRATION POINT : An area of new tables and chairs for the inner refugees to register for their aid packages

SECOND HAND MINI SHOP: Area of better organized clothing storage, with stand alone hangers, so they can run not only inside, but also outside events.

FOOD PREP and SERVICE AREA : Area of fold-away tables and chairs for food distribution. Also cooking equipments, freezers, fridges for food items to be stored safely. Lyudmila and her team cooks for over 350 people currently housed at the local shelter. They deliver twice a month aid to the front line, so these mobile units would come handy.

INNER STORAGE SOLUTIONS: the volunteer center get most of its help from Poland. None from Hungary arrived just yet, which I hope to change. For a better working donation storage we are planning to sort everything into clear boxes, container, labelled and easy to manage. We do more than just building more shelves and upgrading areas . As Lyudmila and her husband really look after the regional (territorial ) army boys, all volunteers will have a chance to take part at an informal meeting with several people working on the frontline . Army officers, doctors, nurses, even returning solders.


What we have already :

- Marci Elődi (Hahó Volunteers) managed to purchase 60 meters of iron shelving, on auction sites in Vienna. These shelves are already delivered to the venue, to Ukraine by our new friends in Vienna. Value of 25.000 Euro

Thanks a lot to Adam Shepard and Sasha Rekotova from VM4U (Wienna)

- We have 25 Hungarian young people ready to come and do the work needed, along with an other 20 people from local organizations in Ukraine.

- With the support of the Hungary Helps Agency, we have done our pre-visit to the venue, to plan the work, and the teams.

- The local disabled kid’s home offered us accommodation locally, for up to 35 people, free of charge.

See more information on the program link. Pictures from the daily activities of Lydmilla and her volunteering team


If you wish to support this aid point in the future, here is the list of food supply they need for a week.

The shopping list for a week of supply (300 + people) :

  • 50 liter cooking oil

  • 20 kg flower

  • 75 whole bread

  • 10 kg meat

  • 30 kg dried pasta

  • 20 kg rice

  • 20 liter milk

  • 5 liter sour cream

  • 100 kg potato

  • 10 kg carrot

  • 30 kg onion

  • 30 kg cabbage

  • 1 kg salt (could be more, it lasts, small table units)

  • 5 kg sugar

  • 5 kg couscous

  • 5 kg lentils

  • 60 bottles /cans cooked chickpea

  • 600 eggs

  • 5 kg cheese

  • Spices 0,5 kg : paprika, oregano, pepper,

  • For the kids: cocoa powder 5 kg + banana 300 pieces (or any other fruit)

  • Other : 300 + take away container boxes, that could be re-used by the refugee hostel.


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