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I don't run a charity organization myself, I see my role of a coordinator between NEEDS and possible SOLUTIONS. I hope and believe that I find like-minded people, in a fortunate situation to be able to give back others, especially children. It can be a small idea - like cooking soup for homeless with friends -, or a lager scale like upgrading a local nursery with volunteers in a less developed area.  What is common in these initiatives is that the CAUSE is equally important to all parties. With this in mind, all participants - including sponsors - leave with lasting impressions and experience on a self growth level.

So if you - or your friends, partners - are looking for ideas on what and how to support, please subscribe to my blog, follow the facebook page, or just send me a message. I'm looking for inspiring people who are prepared to make a change, by sponsoring special aid projects. 

Leaders who trusted me with their support
Alex Davern family_edited.jpg

Alex Davern

National Instruments

Matty Ryan.jpeg

Matty Ryan


Michael Cojocar NI_edited.jpg

Michael Cojocar

CMA Architects

Mary Murphy.jpeg

Mary Murphy

Írj Jól / Blogger

Dougie Arnott.jpeg

Douglas Arnott

Robert Burns Foundation

Neil Forbes _edited.jpg

Neil Forbes

Duncan Graham_edited.jpg

Duncan Graham

St Andrew's Association

Marcus Liddle_edited.jpg

Marcus Liddle

OBE Young Scot

Thank you so much !

Personal Stories, Interviews

I ask this question from all participants, let it be a volunteer or a supporter: Why are you taking part? What is your motivation? Where do you come from? Listen to some of personal stories shaping these projects. 

This video has been deleted.

Michael Cojocar has been a long standing supporter of aid projects. He settled in Hungary few decades ago, and now runs a successful and well respected  architects agency, CMA Architects. His laters support included the purchase and delivery of generators to Ukrainian school of Csongor and the special kids home in Vynohradiv. Watch this video to hear more from of our joint mission to Ukraine. 

Alex Davern - retired CEO of NI in Texas - is an absolute star when it comes to aid projects in Ukraine. With his help, we managed to do so much in Ukraine. From children's play corners to furnishing an entire children's home. Delivering boxes of aid to volunteer centers and lately, bringing light and heat to children. He and his family travelled from Texas to upgrade the kid's home in Vynohradiv. I'm really glad I have his story to tell you.