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I'm sure we all have at least one kind story we like to remember, that affected us.  Why keep it to yourself? I'm truly interested in YOUR story, why you decided to volunteer and how was this experience? Has it changed you in any way? Writing about your volunteering is like a window you open to others. If writing is not your thing, just get your phone, and record a short video (HD) and send it to us. You have photos to share? Send in your 10 best, with your thoughts. Read some inspiring questions before you start to guide you in your story telling. 

Motivational questions to get you started on your story 
Why do you volunteer? 

If you have more than one story to share, join the Net of Hope community, create you own profile page, and start sharing your own blog articles on volunteering!

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Great, all you need to do is to look at this form below, start adding your story. It's not limited to one country, or one type of volunteering project. You can live anywhere, involved in any volunteering project. Just add your photos OR send in a video, and add a few details about yourself and the project. You can link photos directly onto the form, but also works if you just share an online storage folder with us. We welcome any story that has an a positive echo, and reflects the questions we were recommending to start with. Please note, we are at the beginning of this project, we will be doing our best to make it work. Any recommendations welcome! 

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Your Place To Inspire Others

Helping refugees of Syria and Ukraine, magic makeovers of nurseries in less developed areas, a social hairdressing saloon, planting fruit gardens for a village, or running a soup kitchen for homeless. What is your story? Tell others to learn from your experience. 

Send us your volunteering story and start sharing the positive vibes.

Add photos, videos, documetns (posters, news articles, etc) to support your story

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Thanks for submitting!

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